Reasons Behind My Choice of Country: Zimbabwe

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Reasons Behind My Choice of Country, Zimbabwe
Many consider Zimbabwe as a poor and undeveloped country. I was one of the many who had the same bias on Zimbabwe before the research. After having a deeper understanding and a closer look on the inner view of Zimbabwe, I now think that Zimbabwe is the land of opportunities and hope. Although Zimbabwe is not yet global, many positive changes are happening to Zimbabwe to develop the country. I believe that Samsung should expand business and move my family to Zimbabwe because of the fair and effective type of government, the rapidly growing business field, and the freedom of religion in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe's Semi-presidential system creates an effective system of checks and balances by having the prime minister and the president elected separately, often from rival parties. Semi-presidential system of government provides cover for the president, provides the ability to remove an unpopular prime minister, and remain stable on the president because of fixed terms (Semi). The type of government of the United States is a representational democracy, based upon the organization of the government into three branches, the executive, law, and judicial. US has no prime minister but has one president to represent the country as well as state governors and leaders to represent the individual state. The type of government in the US focuses on the citizen's voices and let the citizen's idea to be heard. Representative democracy can sometimes be hard to follow because it is hard and tough to listen to everyone's ideas and consider everyone's thoughts. I believe that Zimbabwe's type of government can reduce the minor/major issues with each state and the country itself because there is a prime minister an...

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...and furious work environments (Snyder). Zimbabwe's field of business is not yet developed but it provides business owners for greater success in the future and a variety of business ideas. Compared to the US, Zimbabwe has more opportunities to grow big and global.
I believe that Zimbabwe is the best decision for the choice of country because Zimbabwe offers a safe religious life where God's concerns are discussed religiously and taken seriously. US doesn't offer a safe religious life for religious followers when the number of people supporting the idea of same-sex couples are growing. Zimbabwe's field of business is not yet large but is growing slowly. Successes are easy in Zimbabwe, compared to USA's field of business where small businesses are crushed down by the gigantic, rich businesses. Zimbabwe also has an effective system of government that I am very fond of.