Reasoning In Nursing Essay

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Reasoning is one of the characteristics to be a qualified nurse. What renders a nurse’s thinking dissimilar from another professional? It is how nurses view the patients and the kinds of problems that the nurses manage in practice while they engage in patient care. To reason critically like a professional nurse necessitates that nurses learn nursing content; the notions, theories and concepts of nursing, plus develop their intellectual skills and capacities so that they become self-directed and disciplined critical thinkers. In the nursing practice, critical thinking for medical decision-formulating is the capacity to contemplate in a logical and systematic way with readiness to question plus reflect upon the thinking process utilized to guarantee safe practice of nursing plus quality patient care. (Facione, Facione & Sanchez, 2010).
How nurses view the patients and the kinds of problems that the nurses manage in practice while they engage in patient care? They need to be certain, precise and just in front of the patients. Their reasoning is sufficient for their expected purpose. All reasoning can be assessed considering these standards, plus as nurses reflect upon their quality of their thinking, they begin to detect when they are being imprecise, unclear, inaccurate or vague. Nurses utilize language to lucidly communicate exhaustive information, which is substantial to nursing care. Therefore, they cannot be focused upon the irrelevant or trivial. Nurses, who think critically, wage all their reasoning and views to these principles, and the assertions of others in that the nurse's thinking quality improves throughout time, therefore, eliminating ambiguity and confusion in the understanding and presentation of ...

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...nowledge concerning nursing as a professional practice (Norris & Ennis, 2008).
Conclusively, critical thinking abilities and expertise apply to thinking, reading, speaking, writing, and listening. Nurses need to decode a thought accurately, clearly, quickly and logically for other people to understand what they are saying or writing without any misunderstanding. Therefore, it undertakes a special individual to be a professional nurse. It undertakes the skill to take a theory, idea or problem, assess it, resolve it, as well as lucidly communicate it. This is one of the challenges of nursing; reflective, critical practice based upon the sound thinking of intellectual minds dedicated to safe, efficient patient care. One cannot assume or guess solutions as, those solutions have to be based upon specific principles, and be able to defend one’s thinking with proof.
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