Reaping And Sowing Essay

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The universal law of reaping and sowing can be described as the law of cause and effect. A universal law is a principle that cannot be broken and is always in effect. The simple idea of reaping and sowing says that whatever you plant in your mind, you will eventually manifest in the outside world. Life is constant reaping and sowing, what you give, you receive, and the energy you put out, is the energy you get back. In this world, you are always reaping what you sow. This universal law can be compared to planting or growing an apple tree. The fertile soil where you will plant your apple tree represents your mind and consciousness. The apple tree seeds you are planting are your thoughts and ideas. The water given to the seed to help it grow,…show more content…
In real life, it would be like being grumpy and mean everyday until everyone is grumpy and mean back at you. I could apply this law to my life by writing a list or goals I want in life and in myself, and then read them or visualize them every morning. I could also give to others more freely by donating money to charities regularly and buying gift cards for the homeless, so in response I would be happier and less focused on myself and money. Another way to apply this universal law to my personal life if by putting in more time practicing and riding my horse so I will do better at my competitions as a result of sowing positive seeds filled with determination and hard work. “You get out of life what you put into it. I think you need a bit of luck but you also make a bit of luck. I think that if you're a pretty decent person you'll get back what you put in.” –John Key. Planting thoughts and ideas into your mind will create action and a better life. There is a time for reaping and a time fore sowing. This universal law applies to every aspect of your life and can be the difference between happiness and success and misery. Your thoughts perceive actions and you are always reaping what you sow. It’s a universal law, it’s everywhere and cannot be
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