Reality: What Is Reality

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What is reality? Is it what we all believe? That everything exists independently from us or that everything exists because we make it exist in our minds. An ancient philosopher Rene Descartes thought of as the father of modern philosophy proposed that humans are made up of two different compounds, the body and the mind. He saw the body as an intricate machine but he was sure that the mind was completely different. He tried an experiment. He tried to imagine that he had no physical body and that he was floating around like a ghost, then he tried another experiment, he tried to imagine that he had no mind, however that was impossible because if you have no mind how can you imagine anything at all. He summed up his thoughts in the phrase “I think. Therefore I am.” Our body is like the hardware of a computer and our mind is the software. How do we know that what is there is really there? Take a chair for example, how do you know if the chair is still there if you are not there to see it. For all we know the chair can get up and go out the window and visit any place in the world or even v...
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