Reality T.V. Shows and the Death of Intelligence

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Admit it, we all have a favorite reality show and they aren’t always the most decent to watch. Reality television is a type of television programming that documents unscripted situations and actual happenings. There are many different shows about many different topics. Although several televised reality shows focus on positive topics and can be encouraging, many others broadcast illicit behavior, sexual activity, fighting, and profane language. Why are they shown if they’re so horrific, you may ask? But the fact of the matter is people love it. Furthermore, networks benefit from these shows too. They’re profiting tens of thousands of dollars per week, per episode. Reality shows are thriving. Every day, we see many dangerous and ludicrous things broadcasted on national television yet people still let these shows influence their thoughts, lifestyle, and actions. This paper will enlighten you on the pros and cons of reality television and make you ask yourself “Are reality shows poisonous to the mind?” American Idol is a well-known example of a reality show. It is the most viewed and most successful reality show in our country. American Idol is a singing competition show that has been on television for the last 10 consecutive years. The show American Idol, unlike many others, is on the positive side. However, there are other shows that broadcast things on the more negative side. For example, The Bad Girls Club, a reality show that airs on Oxygen, moves 7 unruly women from all over the country into one house. Each of the women has either a psychological problem, behavioral problem, or both. The goal is to watch the girls have confrontations and fights that often get very violent. The show Teen Mom is an off shoot of the show 16 & P... ... middle of paper ... ...p 2005. Web. 3 Feb 2014. . 4. Kirchheimer, Sid , ed. ""Reality" TV Trigger Health Issues?." 2005-2014 WebMD, LLC., 28 February 2003. Web. 3 Feb 2014. . 5. Galley, Lauren Marie. "A Teen's Viewpoint: REALITY BOULEVARD by Lauren Marie Galley." Melissa Jo Peltier Author of fiction and nonfiction; film and television producer/writer/director. Lauren M Galley , 9 Apr 2013. Web. 7 Feb. 2014. . 6. Wyatt, Wendy N. Ethics of Reality TV: A Philosophical Examination. 1 ed. London, New York City: Continuum, 2012. 1-192. Print. 7. Http:// 8.

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