Reality: Reality And Reality

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Reality Essay Reality is the realest thing people can grab onto in this world. Reality is the way everything exists in this world and everything that goes with it. The actions and consequences from anything to anyone in this world is reality. The truth is reality is tough to deal with for people. Humans usually like to ignore the realities of this world, and continue to live in a twilight zone. This twilight zone is dangerous, because it can lead down a road of hurt and hate. When one is ignoring the reality, they will stop seeing the bad things. They will only see what they want to see. This happens in relationships all the time. A couple will start dating, when they clearly are not right for eachother. A person can want a relationship so bad that they will ignore the bad parts of a person just to be with them. Now this can be a good thing if you truly are in love. However if a person is dating someone ignoring the realities, they are going to end up getting hurt and left. Then the person who is hurt now has came back to reality, and realized…show more content…
The realities in this world are tough to handle for most people. They will want to ignore the truth for as long as they can. This happens to everyone, just it happens in different areas for all people. The reality is always there no matter what it is a person is doing. A person can be caught up in drugs, they may know it is wrong. Will this stop them? They will continue to do these drugs ignoring the harmful side effects to their life. The reality will always set in. It is just a matter of time for the individual. The continued use of these drugs with a person could lead to an overdose, or they could get caught with these drugs by the police. The realities for this individual could either be arrest or death. Both of these are very hard to deal with, hence, why people choose to ignore the reality in this world. The use of drugs is one of just the countless ways people ignore the reality in this
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