Reality In The Movie Inception

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Inception was one of the films that make you question what is reality compared to a dream. Christopher Nolan does an amazing job on having the viewers really think about what is going on throughout the whole movie. Nolan uses different angle shots, crazy rotations, and a great story to have this amazing film hit theaters. This film was not only to have viewers question “what is reality,” but it also is a rollercoaster ride throughout the whole entire film.
Inception means implanting an idea into someone’s mind by entering someone’s dream. The characters in this movie (Cobb, Arthur, Ariadne, Eames, Yusuf, and Saito) form a team to implant an idea into a man’s mind (Robert Fisher) so that man can believe his own idea. While that mission is going on, Cobb has his own mission; to reunite with his children. Cobb also has his own problems throughout the dreams he gets into: his dead wife (Mal). His wife died a while back thinking it was a dream. In order for you to wake up from a dream, you have to die, with that being said, that is how Mal dies. At the end of the movie, the viewers have to think for themselves and try to figure out if Cobb reuniting with his children was a dream, or reality.
A dream within a dream, within a dream is obviously impossible, but Christopher Nolan makes that possible throughout Inception. Nolan purposely makes the viewers pay attention to the movie because he adds many twists, flips, and turns, no literally. The camera angles and rotations during the movie is the definition of the rollercoaster ride viewers end up getting on watching Inception. The reduced depth of field the camera offers is one example of how film can separate itself from reality. A regular pair of well working human eyes is able to see al...

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...e (Ellen Page) she asks, “Wait, whose subconscious are we going into, exactly?” and the audience would usually laugh after she asks this question because everyone at least at some part before that line is already confused. Once again, it is safe to say that this film makes you think and plays tricks on you.
Inception took about ten years to begin production, but it was a great decision by Christopher Nolan. He needs to be thanked for this amazing film. The cast was perfect, and the production was incredible. The movie, having a film time of two hours and twenty-eight minutes, can be a drag for those who do not like watching long films, but this incredible masterpiece Nolan has directed AND written does not disappoint. The audience most likely will lose track of time with this sci-fi thriller due to all the suspenseful action, puzzles, and mazes that they encounter.
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