Reality In Our Consensus Reality

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Children, as a general rule, defy all of our preconceived notions. In our consensus reality there are rules. In theirs, everything is fair game. Jumping off a park bench yelling “superman!” as far as they are concerned can mean flying from one side of the park to the other. An action figure has feelings, and teddy bears will protect them in the middle of the night from the monsters under their beds. There are no limitations. There are no rules. Anything, and everything, is possible. Unfortunately, as children grow and mature, society beats that belief out of them. One concussion and a hospital trip later, six year olds may start to understand that they are not flying. They cannot suspend themselves mid air. Reality, or our version of it, molds them slowly and gradually, as if they are the hardening play-dough that was left forgotten on the kitchen table. The wonders of the world, the belief in infinite possibilities, all start to crumble with their disappearing innocence. Eventually, they all conform and are christened into our consensus reality – placing clear borders and limitations between what is real, what is fiction, and what is merely fantasy. At some point, they awaken with the word “impossible” on their lips, and it’s a poisonous taste of “reality” they can never wash their mouths clean of.
Consensus reality is a human phenomenon that can be explained as a mindset of a set of people. The consensus reality of one society may differ greatly from that of another society. The old myth “The Emperor’s New Clothes” is a great example of consensus reality. In this old tale, the Emperor hires fashion designers from all over the land to design him a new set of clothing. After finding himself dissatisfied with the proposals of hund...

... middle of paper ... someone will discover a potion that will reprogram parts of our DNA and abilities, and one day we will all be flying. It sounds crazy, but so did flying cars, until the Wright Brothers invented the airplane.
Our consensus reality is a dangerous thing. It can stifle creativity, innovation, and experimentation. Children are our future, and when they begin to conceive the capabilities the world truly exists, it opens options that once seemed impossible. Jumping off a park bench and yelling “superman!” will not help one fly. But that does not mean that flying s impossible, just improbable. And it is up to these toddlers jumping off park benches to discover these dreams, despite society’s scoffing at their every attempt. The park bench is a good start. Trial and error; all they need is a good teacher or two, a good story or two, to reveal to them the other options.
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