Realist View Of The International System

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Rulers of countries are constrained by the system as a manifestation of the state in which they operate but also have a degree of autonomy as individuals. The quote "In the international environment rulers constantly scan for resources material and ideologies, that will enhance their ability to stay in power and promote the interests of their supporters. Rulers are calculators, not agents manifesting some deeper international institutional structure although they may be firmly embedded in the in well-established domestic arrangements". This quote discusses some of the limitations rulers operate under, and represents much of the realist argument of how the international system works. The quote mentions how rulers may conduct themselves.…show more content…
As the "principal actor" in the international system the state is primarily concerned with its own survival in a hostile and anarchic world. The state will attempt to amass as many resources as possible to build up its strength. This help ensure that it remains sovereign, and "promotes" the interests of its supporters who are the individuals who make up the state. This is like the quote where a ruler will amass as much power as possible to both stay in power and stay relevant to their supporters by promoting the interests of their supporters. Since a state is basically a group of people the ruler is also a person, however because they are the decision maker of the state they function as a rational actor promoting the interest of the state. Niccolo Machiavelli had this in mind when he argued that a ruler must be prepared to undertake any action that lead to the preservation of the state. This usually means the ruler tries to stay in power so that they can ensure the sovereignty of the state. While there is an international system above the state the most that system can do is to influence the state to act towards its own best interest within that system of other nations and organizations. The state does not act for the system above it, it acts for itself. Lastly, domestic political arrangements are largely irrelevant at the level of the state even if they play a significant part in…show more content…
World opinion was against all of these moves. The rulers only concern is for the power increase for their nation and thusly themselves. They have no concern for the wellbeing of the international community in making these moves. Finally both Hitler and Putin were and are very visibly "embedded in well established domestic arrangements" of their respective countries. So much so that they embody the national image of Nazi Germany and modern Russia. This may have eventually caused them to stop being a "rational actor" nonetheless their initial moves definitely fit the role of rational actor. Another example of acting in the country 's interest over domestic arrangements would be President Obama 's campaign promise to end the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as close Guantanamo Bay. Neither of these things happened on his election to president, much to the dismay of many members of his political party, however the decision was not made by the Democratic Party but the government of the United States of America, which acted in the interest of the
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