Real Time Decision Making and Networking

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Project Objectives

The biggest challenge we are facing across the globe is the ‘real-time decision’ making challenge. Mostly the decisions are made manually which means they cannot keep up with the changing needs of business environment. We need a real time decision making capability that can help streamline our business process which will not only help us achieve the profitable growth but will increase network efficiency thereby reducing congestion in the network. With the explosion of data in the form of usage data, network performance data, devise information, location- based information we need the end-to-end view of the data and the ability to discover unique insights which will help us achieve four critical objectives:

Operational Efficiency: The unprecedented growth of data has led to the increase in network growth, which result in the poor utilization capacity. We need a solution that help correlate the data which help in fixing the network problem and reduce congestion. To provide world class customer experience we need to predict the data errors before they actually appear and implement necessary changes.

Network data analytics and decision making: The Network data analytics structure need to process complex events in real time to provide the users of the systems the best possible action based on those events. This will enable the service provider to lower the risks and enhance the experience of their customer. It will process and correlate event streaming techniques and advance analytics processing to gain the best insight of their customer behavior. One significant advantage of Network analytics is that it provides location based data which further enables service providers to better target the user in the form of ...

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...s it difficult to filter and validate the data.
Inaccuracy in population representation.

Project Requirements and Deliverables

Deliverables Notes
Project management Plan Complete project management plan specifying the scope, quality, staffing, communication, tools require in the project.
Real-time analytics infrastructure. The infrastructure which can provide the end to end view of customer data.
Application and User interfaces (Design and display tools) Optimization is the key for file storage to reduce time and enable multiple processing at front end.
System documentation User Guide, Administrative guide, Error manual.
Data analytics and interfaces Efficient memory processing is required to optimize database and enable rewriting of data.
System management and data resource For efficient data analytics high performance data resource management is required.
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