Real Madrid Cf And Barcelona Fc Symbolize Polar Opposite Ideas

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Real Madrid’s Playing Style As the history of Real Madrid CF and Barcelona FC symbolize polar opposite ideas, there playing style differ greatly. Real Madrid 's playing style is more attack minded. To be attack minded and be set well tactically a team must master the four-two-three-one formation. Madrid usually starts with Casillas in net. After the goalie there is a back line of three defenders: Carvajal as the right full back, Ramos and Pepe as the centre-backs, and Marcelo as left full back. Then come a line of five midfielders; two holding and three attacking. For the two holding, Madrid starts with a pairing of Modric and Alonso. Following them Madrid plays with Ronaldo as a left winger, Di Maria at an attacking center mid, and Bale as right winger. To top it all off, Madrid are led by French international Karim Benzema. Rodriguez 4 With this formation they are well protected defensively, but they can attack very effectively as well. Regarding there back line of four, they have one of the best combinations of defenders in the game. Madrid have arguably the best centre-backs in the game, Sergio Ramos. Ramos is a five time FIFAPro member, a team of the best eleven players in the world. Although a defenders main duty is to defend, Madrid’s full backs are very attack minded and can attack superbly. Now with their attack Madrid have one of the deadliest attack in the game. Modric, Alonso, and Di Maria provide the attacking players with the passes. These three are the core of the team. Not only do they hold down the center of the field and provide for a great first line of defense they are the play makers. Then they arguably have the best front three in world: Ronaldo, Benzema, and Bale. This trio is starred by ... ... middle of paper ... ...g at Camp Nou it can be occupied by 99,354 people compared to 85,454 people at the Bernabeau. Camp Nou holds the record for the biggest stadium in Europe. When asked who the king of Spain and Europe is, the answer without a doubt is Real Madrid. Madrid has won thirty-two League titles and ten European championships compared to Barcelona’s twenty-one and four respectively. (Real) Conclusion With the history and culture involved with El Classico, this game creates one of the world’s bitterest rivalries. When taking into account and analyzing the playing style, the academies, and the stats Real Madrid comes up with the upper hand. Even though Barcelona has a better academy, Real Madrid plays at faster pace, defends better, and has more wins head to head; therefore, Real Madrid is the better team and will stay like this for the years to come.

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