Reafness In The Deaf Community

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The cultural component of deafness experiences several oppositions. These oppositions include the cochlear implant, Deaf schools versus mainstream schools, and audism. Being a part of the tight-knit Deaf community, there are several oppositions and conflicting views. However, the Deaf community is so strong and prideful that these oppositions do not bring their culture down. The Deaf culture experiences controversies about the cochlear implant. Some people believe that the implant can take away pride and culture in the Deaf community and others believe that it is a good way for Deaf people to explore the hearing world. Typically, the people who frown upon cochlear implants are those who are individuals in the Deaf community. The people in…show more content…
This opposition is similar to the cochlear implant opposition. The people who believe Deaf students should be in mainstream schools tend to come from the hearing community, as they view being Deaf with the half-empty perspective. Those who believe Deaf students should go to Deaf schools are usually the ones from the Deaf community, as they view being Deaf with the half-full perspective. The Deaf community believes that Deaf students should stay in Deaf schools because it helps them embrace their deafness. It allows them to use sign language and be with people who are Deaf, as well. The Deaf community believes that Deaf schools will help deaf students remember their culture and make them proud of their Deafness. It is important for the Deaf students to be surrounded around people who share the same hearing status, so they remember that there are people like them and so they feel more connected to the Deaf community. People a part of the hearing community believes that mainstream schools are good for the Deaf because it allows them to experience the hearing culture. This means that the Deaf student most likely knows English and can speak. This can occur in Deaf children who are born into Hearing families, because the hearing parents want their child to experience what it’s like to hear. Again, this conflicting view mostly revolves around the half-full and…show more content…
The hearing community, mostly views Deaf people with a half-empty perspective. Most hearing people feel bad for the Deaf because their incapability to hear. However, the Deaf community does not see their Deafness as a disability. Deaf people enjoy being Deaf, they like being quiet; it is their life. The Hearing community thinks that being Deaf limits you to jobs, career success, skills, driving abilities, and much more. The Deaf culture can still be successful in life, regardless of their hearing status. Some examples of how the hearing community sees being Deaf is: “I cannot imagine what it is like being Deaf. It must be so hard, not being able to hear. I feel bad for them. Imagine not being able to hear the simple things in life we (the hearing community) takes for granted.” The Hearing community will always view the Deaf with the half-empty perspective, unless they personally know someone who is Deaf or have taken a course about Deaf culture. Taking Deaf culture has totally changed my perspective, personally. I now look at the Deaf with the half-full perspective. I admire the Deaf culture, they are so strong and hold such
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