Reading and Understanding Qualitative Research Studies

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The aspect of discerning quantitative and qualitative research enables a researcher with the ability to present a phenomenon to the academic community in an appropriate manner (Venkatesh, Brown, & Bala, 2013). The researcher chooses the best method to present the study to an audience based on items such as the type of study to be conducted, the type of data needed for the study, and the amount of resources needed to complete the study. The resources include money, personnel, and arguably the most important resource of time. Additionally, the researcher becomes astute at reviewing other articles in similar methodology, which are either of a quantitative, qualitative, or a mixed method research design. In this article, the author will focus on five select qualitative articles. During this focus, the author will provide a summarization of a topic followed by presenting the problem, purpose, design, and findings of the research article. Moreover, Venkatesh, et al. (2013) stated qualitative research assists in providing the reader a better understanding of a phenomenon by articulating a narrative description of the study to the audience.
Article 1: Women in Information Security
Summarization of topic
In an article written by Woszczynski and Shade (2010), an examination is presented on how five women that chose a career in information security (IS) are perceived and how others can assist women in mitigating entry barriers into the IS career field. The authors initiated the discussion by describing a meeting that occurred in the White House, whereas there was only one woman out of 29 information security academics that were called to discuss a recent information security breach (Woszczynski & Shade, 2010). Herein lies the ration...

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