Reading, Writing, Listening And Communication: The Foundation Of Communication

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Reading, writing, listening and speaking are the archetypal cornerstones in our lives by effectively forming a foundation of communication that is essential to social growth and the embodiment of our identity. Without teachers harnessing the development in all four of the above-mentioned components of English, students will wallow in post scholastic mediocrity. The basis of our society is built on the foundation of reading, writing, listening and speaking. This foundation needs to be constructed through primary and secondary education in order for young adults to prepare for the rigors of college and the workplace. In the paragraphs below, I will declare my philosophy and develop an ideology of methods to foster the growth of students that I will potentially see in my classroom phonetically working on vocabulary development, sharpening…show more content…
Listening is the key fundamental to any and all effective communication. In the textbook entitled, “Bridging English”, Milner, Milner, and Mitchell state, “Talking and listening in class develop one’s ability to clarify and understand the perceptions of others and of oneself” (Milner, Milner, & Mitchell 91). Without the skill of listening, students will misunderstand what is expected of them and they will flounder in confusion, leading to frustration and a lack of confidence. Failure to listen will result in a struggle to read, write, and speak efficiently. Without one major component of English, the other 3 do not work as well. Many professions, such as customer service, require distinguished listening skills and will even train their employees to be outstanding in this field. A shortfall in listening to key details at specific work place can cause customer frustration and a loss of business for the company. Listening, as a skill, means paying close attention to a specific story, how the person is telling it, and the language, voice and tone used when

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