Reading, Writing, And The Importance Of Reading And Writing

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Early days many of people do not know about reading and writing and the importance of reading and writing. If someone knows to read and write in English many people think that person know about many things. In Maldives also most of people know to read and write Arabic and Dhivehi only that time. But now a day it is necessary to read and write in English because it helps us to communicate better and to get information also help to develop the mind moreover reading is the key to developing a good self-image. Without English language we cannot use internet also our language also is interconnected with English language without using English language we can talk properly in Dhivehi also. Writing is very important to be able to express yourself well…show more content…
All too often, the barriers faced by children with difficulty reading outweigh their desire to read and, without proper guidance, they never overcome them. Learning to read is a sequential process. Whenever information we want we can get through the internet, newspapers, magazines news, story and history writing. In this part of the essay we will look the stages of the reading. The first stage is prereading. In the pre-reading Strategies help the students Set Purposes of the reading, also Connect to past personal experiences, moreover Connect to prior literary experiences, and to Connect to thematic units or Special Interests and to make Predictions, also Preview the Text moreover Consult the index to locate information. The Goal of the prereading is build connections and make text more comprehensible. The second stages of reading is “reading” is Make Prediction also Apply skills and strategies, also Read Independently; with a partner, using shared reading or guided reading; or listen to the text read aloud and Read the illustrations, charts, and diagrams also Read the entire text from beginning to end and Read one or more section of text tolerant specific information and to Take notes. The goal of

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