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Choosing the data to analyze is difficult! Now that I am looking at the data that I have been compiling for the use of flashcards in my class, the majority of the students are completing them. I have not had the opportunity to compare their scores from the fall semester to the spring. I do suspect that there will be an increase in scores because the use of the flashcards. I will have to take note of those who did not complete the flashcards and how they did in the over all course. At the beginning of the semester it seemed like a great idea to help them review their information but now I am not so sure. They don’t seem as enthusiastic about it as they were at the beginning. This could be because they are senior and they are ready to graduate and be done with high school. There are many factors that could contribute to their lack of motivation. The majority is completing their flashcards and is receiving credit for them. Due to the fact that the flashcards are worth about 30% of their grade could contribute to the majority turning them in. There will be times during quizzes or exam...

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