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Reflection on Learning
Taking this English course has helped me improve my English in many ways. I have learned a lot of really important information that I didn’t know before coming into this class. I am sure that I am now more knowledgeable than I was when I first entered this course. Some of the things I learned throughout this course were how to become a better reader and writer. I also learned how to write with a specific purpose. In the past all the writing I did was based on prompts and essays about books I didn’t understand what I was writing, and now the writing I do has a specific purpose to it.
There are several methods I learned this semester which helped me improve my reading comprehension significantly. Throughout the reading I did, I used a few reading strategies that were very helpful to me in many ways. Many, in fact, if not all good readers at one point in their life use at least one of these reading strategies. One reading strategy I use when I read is, first I read everything without making any marks to the reading. Going through the reading once helps me get a general understanding of the material. After I have a general understanding of what I read, then I reread the material again but this time I use a few reading strategies that help me remember the material and help me get a better understanding of the reading. One strategy I really like to use when I read is highlight or underline any key points that I think are important to the reading. Another reading strategy I use is, if there is a sentence I don’t understand I reread it several times until I understand the meaning of it, and then I make a brief note to the side explaining what I think the sentence means. I also like to reword any sentence I don’t un...

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...t our writing sounds perfect, but others might see it differently. It is extremely important to receive feedback from others because the peer reviewers will find mistakes and give suggestions to help improves ones writing. The workshops we did in class help me because every single time I received feedback on my writing I made changes in order to improve it. No doubt that after receiving feedback from others my writing sounded much better.
With all this said it is evident that this English course helped me significantly. I learn different techniques that helped me improve both, my reading and writing. Now that I reflect on all the information I learned, I realize how much better prepared I am when it comes to reading and writing. I will no longer skim through reading as I did in the past and definitely not do essays the night before they are due like I used to.
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