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Reading has helped shape my development as a second language learner by being able to acquire what I have learned as a student. I have teachers who are willing to help further my education as a second language learner. Although I am not a fluent native English speaker like other ethnicities, I learn to strive hard to understand and communicate with others. Growing up, I struggle with my literacy because my parents did not have any books that will help me advance in my reading. Therefore, I can say that my personal sea of stories was different from my peers. I do not have the brightest literacy experience since I grew up in a traditional Hmong family and we lack the advantages to our literacy because my parents were never taught that reading…show more content…
My parents do not make us read because they were not born in the United States but Laos. Hence, my parents and grandparents had never influence me and my siblings to read, for instance, my mother never pushes me and my siblings to read or having her read to us before. Stories like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and The Beast, Pocahontas, and The Little Mermaid. These stories, I have never read them as a child, but only saw the movies. As a child, I don’t have much literacy experiences with my family because everyone was busy; my father was a full-time college student at a community college, my mother was a housewife whose English was very limited and two older siblings whose busy with school and work and doesn’t have the time to help me and the rest of my other siblings. My family influence had affected my literacy experiences because I feel like I did not gain any good remarks when it came to school…show more content…
My family, school, and cultural groups had affected my life because I went from being an insecure Hmong student to a second language learner who is striving hard to meet her future goal as an English teacher. Through many years of struggles in school, I have learned how to strive hard as a second language learner. Being a second language learner in English was the most difficult experiences I have had as a child because it lowers my confidence and learning skills. My literacy experiences were negative and dull because I feel like I have not learned anything important as I was growing up due to the vague memories of my horrified childhood experiences. Never in my life have I experienced the feeling of having my mother read to me. I was never raised in a household of great literacy, but a household of newly immigrants from Thailand. This is why I learn to strive harder for myself as a second language learner due to the struggles that I have gone through as a
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