Reading Book: I Have Resented Reading Books

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Lost & Found All of my life I have resented reading books, but there is one exception to this statement. It was the last two weeks of the fourth grade and Jenks West Elementary was putting on the yearly book fair for the kids. Every student was on their best behavior so that they didn’t get their book fair privileges taken away by their teacher. I personally was better behaved at home so that my parents would reward me with money to spend at the fair. The book fair wasn’t just books, but an assortment of everything a nine or ten year old could want. The fair had candy, unique bookmarks, posters, and slinkys just to name a few. I had always wondered why the school puts on this magnificent book fair where kids buy everything but books, and then I realized. The toys are there to draw the kids to the fair so that they can be exposed to the large diversity of books; it sure worked for me. It was a beautiful…show more content…
I read on the soft carpeted floor of my living room in between the cumbersome brick shielded fireplace and cherry coffee table. I would read until my eyes watered from staring without blinking or closed from pure exhaustion. I had never read so much in such a minute amount of time and enjoyed every sentence of it. Never had I experienced the desire to keep reading to see what happens next or the tragedy felt when something went sideways from what you thought. I would read in our guest room directly under the window sill so that the sun would shine on the pages but not in my eyes. I became relatively clever when it came to places to read, but my all time favorite place to read was in my bed at the end of a long day. To me there was nothing better than waking up at one o’clock in the morning with my book lay across my lips and the room lit by a gentle glow from the small lamp on my nightstand next to

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