Reading And Reading: The Importance Of Language

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Language is a tool use to communicate with the other people in the other country, since antiquity a central concern of theories of language has been the question whether language is predominantly a matter of “nature” or of “nurture.” Another meaning of language is because language is very important for all people. Language is primarily an instrument of communication among human being in a community. Freeman (2000: 2) states that language is a means of interaction between and among people. Here, it has function as a tool which connects them in their surroundings. People realize that without language they cannot interact to each other.
Many languages that use of the people especially in English, we can communication with the other country and
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Because reading is very important for all in any situation reading is fun. Reading helps you become more intelligent. It gives you wisdom. It gives you the ability to judge what's right and what's wrong. More over reading helps you become a complete human being. So, I don't see anything that should stop you going and get on reading a good book.
H. Empirical Review
Today literacy is power and inability to read and write is a great deprivation. Many educators acknowledge that reading is the key to continuous success in schools and enriches one’s personal life. Also a positive relationship exist between writing and reading in that students who were exposed to additional reading experiences and activities performed better in writing than those who concentrated only on writing practices or studied formal grammar. (Heys 1962; Christiansen 1965; Mills 1974, Aboderin 1985; Stotsky 1983) This very interested for all students to show their basic skill between writing and reading. The correlation between writing habit and reading competence it makes the students know their basic and thing their competence in writing and reading when they followed the study on vocational. It can make their creativity and creativities of students in learning process. Writing habit is make the students have motivation to learn and will balance to reading competence. Toadded their

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