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A.C Peterson Farms
1) I feel that this ice cream company has provided examples of matrix structure because it9is a structure in which the task of the organization is grouped along with two organizing dimension simutanelously.
2) Advantages of centralizing decision making for a firm like AC Paterson Farms are more control to top managers and maximizing efficiency. The main disadvantage is it may limit the organization to respond quickly and effectively to changes in the environment.

Chocolate and Much More
1) The company in regards to the organizational design must be integrating mechanism, which is a method for managing the flow of information, resources, and tasks within the organization.
2) The repercussion of moving into new international markets without the appropriate organizational design could be a disaster. With no formulated plan the merge in to foreign countries will result in failure.
3) I recommend that the company seek optional plans that will benefit the strategic plan and mission of the organization.

Ethic Case
1) If I were in Tom’s position I too wold feel very uneasy. Although with serious though Tom was chosen as the laison of production this mean his peers and boss trust his work. Also I would develop a plan that would benefit the company as a whole not just one department.
2) I would recommend to Tom advice the two departments to meet on a weekly basis to restructure communication lines. From there the two should negotiate the plans for the company and realistic accomplishments for the two departments.
3) No I can not think of any other organizational relationships or situations that might lead to a similar problem.

Ethic Case

I. Dobbs Electronics Manufacturing Company production and manufacturing departments have stopped communicating, which has created many problems for the company.

II. Manufacturing and production departments at the electronics manufacturing company have halted all communications. The success of the sales can depend on presise delivery of the product. To do this sales representatives have promised shipment due date before the production department can produce the item. This had lead to rushing through the job, working overtime, and reducing machine downtime for maintance. Top management has recognized the problem and know they need to reestablish the communication between the two departments. In attempt to solve the situation a liaison for each department was appointed. Tom Short is the liaison for the production department, his feelings towards the assignment deal with the concern of the way his boss and peers will view him and his ability to work.
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