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Censorship in an intrigued subject that many countries take it seriously. Some may find it very important while others think it’s completely useless. UAE is one of the countries that takes the censorship into account of how important it is for the society. However, it doesn’t matter what ways they take route in, there will always be a hole in the equation. People will always try to find an alternative and try to sabotage this censorship. If the censorship was kept moderate people won’t have their curiosity spiked. Internet and television censorship is a hopeless case because people will try to attain a way to be free from governments censor. Censorship is different from one opinion to another. The way of thinking regardless of what is right or wrong differs from one person’s prospective to another. The government should be able to create awareness among the society so they’ll be able to interpret what they deem appropriate, and the censorship should be left as a freewill for people to decide. The standard of morality is different depending on the environment the person has lived in; in the UAE there are many foreign people that consider censorship to be over exaggerated by the government. Censorship is usually applied to televisions and the internet are mostly censored by the government. Internet censorship is an idea that most teenagers and others disagree upon. Internet is considered a modern technology where people get to voice their opinions regarding any topic through chat rooms and others. Censorship in a modern free country is thought to be a laughable subject, since there are many people with different nationalities within the country. As a result, everyone differs with their ethics and moral, some people accept certain f... ... middle of paper ... dramatically in length as they are cut to make them shorter. Nevertheless, there are some receivers like the OSN, this receiver is very convenient; the user would be able to censor whatever they deem inappropriate according to their standards not the governments. The OSN may not be completely uncensored by the government, though it is considered a better alternative of any other receiver regarding this issue. In conclusion, the censorship should be up to people and not the government. The government may be overbearing regarding some topics that are considered acceptable by other people. If parents want to protect their child from improper setting they would supervise the content of television and the internet that their child is exposed to. Although how much we want to censor it will never be enough to be completely safe; it will always be an endless circle.

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