Reactive Extraction Essay

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Theory of Reactive Extraction
Extractants:- There are three categories of extractants used in reactive extraction. Carbon-bonded oxygen-bearing extractants (solvation), Phosphorous-bonded oxygen-bearing extractants (solvation) and High molecular weight aliphatic amines and their salts (proton transfer or ion-pairing formation) (Kertes et al., 1986). Since phosphorous and amine extractants have been mainly used in the recovery of carboxylic acids, only these extractant are discussed in the current article. (i) Phosphorous-bonded Oxygen Donor Extractants:- These extractants contain a phosphoryl group that is a stronger Lewis base than carbon bonded oxygen donor extractants. The extractants belonging to this group is more water immiscible and extractable than carbon-bonded oxygen donor extractants. For example, (Fahim et al., 1992) reported that for dilute acids, the distribution coefficients for acetic and propionic acids are high in the reactive extraction by trioctyl phosphine oxide (TOPO) and tributyl phosphate (TBP) dissolved in various diluents. However, the extractabilities of th...

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