Reaction Paper on The Challenge of the Filipino Artist

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The term “Filipino artist” is taken literally in this paper in the context that “Filipinos are the cumulative result of their past history”, meaning that we are the product of our colorful past dating from our indigenous ancestors to the Spanish regime and the American influence to our culture, and “artists including all creative people such as painters, poets, dramatists, cinema directors, and other creative types”, implying that artists are those people who craft objects of beauty as a result of their own self. With the current state of our economy, I do agree that there is really an on-going predicament inside a Filipino artist to stay as an artist or to change his profession to earn a stable income. Let’s face it, there are only a handful of Filipino artists who are given a chance and have a firm salary in their chosen career as an artist. These are stage performers and theater artists who have a contract on these production companies. But how about those frustrated poets and painters who only live by selling their works of art? In this time of technology and innovation, I think that these masterpieces have been set aside for the evolving advancements that are emerging day by day. As Joseph Campbell has said, artists’ ears are open to the song of the universe. But in a world where commercialism dictates everybody in one way or the other, it is a struggle for an artist to survive in just selling their product guided by his own insight and not by the desire of the public. In this situation, I think it is unfair for the artist that he would abandon everything he stood for to just cope with the aspiration of the society. In this paper, it is said that there are five roots for the confusion of Filipino artists that lead to cy... ... middle of paper ... ...e the backseat in order for him to unquestionably establish the profit to make it as his a full-time profession. Last of all, he presented how Filipinos look into the world with respect to art. Filipinos would rather look at an object through its beauty and not of its kindness. It is a variety of a transpersonal world view which is much closer to the new paradigm, where the sense of being one of the artist and his craft is considered beautiful. All the author is saying is that Filipino artists should never lose their enthusiasm for the sake of art. Somebody could make a difference even though he is the only one who could appreciate his creation. Everybody is unique in their own way; it is just only some has the guts to dare to be different. Who knows? Maybe someday, that certain somebody could start a new revolution for Filipino artists here and around the world.

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