Reaction Paper On Adolescence

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My topic of this research paper is adolescence. I will first be discussing about my experience of adolescence. My story is about the embarrassment of my bangs, zits from them, and the nickname I got from them. The story shows how I cracked from the social pressure and followed the crowd. I will then be talk about the research I found about adolescence and things that tie into my story. I will talk about adolescence and the stages, the effects of behavior, social developments, and the change it has on the body. I will also tie in with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, self-efficacy, and motivation.

My Story of Adolescence
My moment of my adolescence is when I had bangs. They were cute when you were little, but as you get older they became less popular than before. The popular thing was to grow
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The first stage is the early adolescence that start from age 9 to 11. This stage is when they get some attitude, become followers, they are more confidents because they will talk to anyone, worry free, and very energetic. This stage is not the worst, this is like a first level in a game, so it 's easy and not that bad. So at this stage they do not go through much, but this is before puberty strikes. Puberty mostly strikes on the second level, which is the middle adolescence from age 12 to 16. This is the worst of the 3 stages because they go through the awkward, embarrassing, and maybe painful stage. They will get hormonal, some will develop some anxiety, and have a low self-esteem, but this stage they will find out who they are and what they are most comfortable doing. This is where girls will start to develop and both girls and boys will get some hair on their bodies. They might even have huge growth spurts. This is the stage I experienced my adolescence. The last stage is when they start to leave the phases of adolescence, which is called the late adolescence from age 17 to 20. (Rice,
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