Razack And Badwall's Article On Canadian Social Work

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Compare the articles selected for this week 's module with the Razack and Badwall 's (2006) article from Module 1 about Canadian social work. The three articles conceive the concept of social work in a global context. First Razack & Badwall (2006) analyse social work education from two significant facts relevant in the North American context. One is globalization and its implications, as important changes have occurred since 9/11 terrorists attacks. The other fact is anti-oppression dialogue used in education institutions with a minor inspection of structural discrimination. These two impacting facts lead to transform social work education structure, in order to provide an effective professional response to emerging realities. Second, Fulcher…show more content…
The authors also contend that societies face different types of problems related with their own history and political context and those particularities are trespassed by Western social work that wants to prolong a camouflaged colonization. Third, Holosko and Leslie (2001) examine social work in Canada, in particular the welfare system, and how social workers have influenced social policies and government intervention. The authors also mention the genesis of welfare in Canada introduced by British influences (Belverige report) and how this introduction generates a collective conscience, empowering citizens, professionals and government. However, Canada faces a huge research challenge as government is very intrusive and hardly social work researchers pursue funding for research out of the government frame. It is also important to mention Flexner´s perception of professional practice and definition, which reflect the knowledge activity and “personal responsibility”. As most of the social workers are working…show more content…
Consequently, social work intervention depends on knowledge developed from the particular context where the practice is performed. Thus, before re-defining the standardization of social work, the priority is social justice and social change, and how policies and practices sustain oppression and inequalities. Thus, the real challenge is to enhance the ability to unravel the complexities of social dynamics and to develop effective tools that generate a positive change within
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