Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt

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Human innovation can lead to their ultimate downfall. In his short story “The Veldt” Ray Bradbury drives home this point. As one critic observes about Bradbury, “ [h]is best novels are cautionary tales of the dangers of unrestricted scientific and technological progress” (Paradowski ). Bradbury’s stories typically revolve around a futuristic invention that somehow goes wrong and starts doing more harm than good. In “The Veldt”, George Hadley is a loving father who buys his kids, Wendy and Peter, all the best new technology, including a nursery where the children’s thoughts are projected onto the walls. This nursery which was meant to help the children actually causes them to grow a hatred towards their parents. This hatred grows until Wendy and Peter use the nursery to murder their parents, an act that reminds the reader that not everything will have the effect that was foreseen. Through the use of foreshadowing,metaphors, and irony Ray Bradbury’s short story “The Veldt” communicates the theme that seemingly good things can create horrible consequences.
Ray Bradbury’s use of foreshadowing hints at the fact that sometimes things that we think may help our lives actually have a negative impact on them. George installs the nursery because he wants his children to have everything that they could want within reason, but the nursery causes his children to become corrupt and savage to the point of murdering their own parents. The murdering however is not a sudden act, and events leading up to it are spread throughout the story. When George finds “on old wallet of [his]... where the lions had been”(Bradbury 5) feasting on an unknown animal, it shows that the lions were eating a fake George that the children created. The children were...

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