Ratnakar Bank Case Study

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RBL Bank, also known as the Ratnakar Bank, offers credit cards to its customers with a host of benefits and rewards. The bank frequently teams up with other merchants, retail outlets, companies or banks to create products and offers to cater well to the varying needs of its customers. There are different credit cards for the customers to choose from with a few specifically targeted towards frequent travellers, shoppers, and movie buffs.

RBL Bank Credit Cards

• RBL Bank Insignia Preferred Banking World card
• Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank - SuperCard
• RBL Bank Icon Card
• IGU NHS Golf World Card
• RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Card
• RBL Bank Movies n More credit card
• RBL Bank MoneyTap card
• RBL Bank Crownit card
• RBL Blockbuster credit card
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They have amazing designs and collections for engagement rings, wedding rings, and precious jewellery for other special occasions. RBL Bank has teamed up with Surat Diamond to offer amazing discounts. RBL Bank credit card holders can 25% off on purchasing any products from the Surat Diamond website. The promo code for this offer is RBL25.

RBL Bank credit card holders can also get 35% off on the products listed on their Silver Diamond Pendant page at http://www.suratdiamond.com/pendants/silver-diamond-pendant.aspx. The promo code for offer is RBLSDP35. Both of these RBL Bank credit card offers are valid until 30th June 2017.

Cleartrip Offer: Cleartrip offers great discounts on flight, hotel and activity bookings made on their website using the RBL Bank credit cards. It offers Rs. 300 off on activities of Rs. 1000 and above. For domestic and international round-trip flights, RBL Bank credit card holders can avail Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 off respectively. For bookings of domestic and international hotels of Rs. 5000 and more, Cleartrip offers Rs. 1000 off. The Promo Code for this offer is “CTAPPRBL.” It expires on 30th June

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