Rastafarianism VS. Judaism

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Rastafarianism and Judaism are, two very closely linked religions, that are viewed as a way of life, more than a religion. Both religions, have many similarities in their sacred writings, basic beliefs,and practices and rituals. Despite the fact that they have many resemblances, they also have many distinctions, but it is easy to see the connection in between. Also, Rastafarianism does not go far back in history like Judaism, but they are still related.

In Judaism, Jewish people use the Torah (first 5 books of the old testament) as a guide to help them live/shape their lives, it contains laws and practices for them to follow. This goes hand in hand with what Rastafarians follow, just like Jewish people, they follow laws and requirements from the Old Testament. Rastafarians have their own set of dietary beliefs just like Jewish people. In the Torah, pork and shellfish is rejected, and it also happens to be rejected by Rastafarians as it is one of their I-tal eating laws. The Old Testament also contains the 10 commandments that Jews follow and Rastafarians accept closely. In addition, Rastafarians also have their own set of commandments (13) that revolve around improving one's self and accepting others. The second commandment of the Rastafari faith states, “One must know and acknowledge the Bible and the teachings of Jah Rastafari above all things”, this shows the connection between the two religions. It shows the connection by affirming that both religions heavily depend on the bible. Both religions also have similar holidays and celebrations, this is due to the fact that most events that occurred in history are stated in the bible and celebrated by both. An example of an event that is commemorated by both religions is the pa...

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...ish followers are required to pray three times a day, and as for Rastafarians, they do not have a certain time for prayer other than their weekly Grounation. Finally, Rastafarian children should at least be 13 years old, before growing dreadlocks, this compares to Bat/Bar Mitzvahs that are celebrated by Jewish children in their coming of age (13 for boys and 12 for girls).

In conclusion, Rastafarianism and Judaism are very similar, but different at the same time. Both of these religions, or as considered by some “a way of life”, have similarities and differences in their sacred writings, basic beliefs, and practices and rituals. Rastafarians are also concentrated in one significant area (Africa), while Jews are more spread out around the world. It is also a fact that Rastafarianism is starting to spread all around the world, and has been gaining more followers.

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