Rasing Me

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I open the cabinet. I pull up my sleeve and attach a bright yellow bandaid. "Hurry before I beat your ass!" My brother screams from the car. "I'm coming hold on!" I throw out the wraper and climb in the car. "What took you so long? Touching yourself?!" He laughs. "Shut up Justaga. Just drive me to school." We get there and I walk inside the building. My friend Kat comes up to me. Her real names Katherine, but she doesnt like it so I call her Kat. "Hey Isis!" "Hi Kat." "Are you depressed again? Everytime you get depressed or upset your body language and essence give it away." "I wouldn't say depressed. Just annoyed by the fact that on Thursday Justaga and I are staying at my dads. I'll be back on Saturday though." "Good luck!" "I'll need it!." We both laugh. "See you later darling." "Bye." She walks off. I head to my locker and start grabbing my books for the first four periods. As I do so a prick named Chad and his possy approche me. "My favorite faggot showed up for school today!" I try to continue minding my own buisness. "I'm talking to you loser!" "Just leave me alone." "Oh, freakshow can talk now!" "Shut up." The bell rings. "You're one lucky kid freakshow!" He walks off. I hate that kid with a passion. I walk to home room which is #144 and see Mr.Skylar at the door. "There's my favorite student!" I smile at him. "Hi Mr. Sky" "So are you ready for the talent show auditions tonight?" "I am, but my mom won’t let me go because I’m too scared to sing in front of her and she doesn’t want me to embarrass myself." "Are you sure you’re ready?" "Absolutely." "How about I call your mom and tell her that I will help you with your English homework since you had a little trouble. How about that?" "That’s great! Tha... ... middle of paper ... ...s done and through and the rest of the day I have history. The final bell rings and Kat and I had to the gym for try outs. Kt name is called first. She goes u and plays a rendition of Gothic Lolita by Emilie Autumn on the violin. She does beautifully. A few people in they call my name. I'm nervous, but not scared. I finish the songs and people clap, but have black exressions. I get back to my seat. "Was I that bad!?" "DAMN ISIS! I didnt know you could sing like that. Holy shit!" "Your lying." "NO! Hun, when have I ever lied to you to help you out. Exactly, never. I'm honest as hell. I garuntee youll get to be in the talent show. You might even win!" I blush. We go through the res tof the students and we can leave. I wak home. I do my homework and make lef over spagehtti. I eat it and watch RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm getting tired, so I'm heading to bed. I doze off...

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