Raphael's Influence On The Life And Work Of Athens

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262 words

Raphael was born in April 6, 1483, in Urbino, Italy. He was a painter, architect, and archaeologist. At that time Urbino was the center that encouraged the arts. His father was called Giovanni Santi, he worked as a painter for Urbino's Duke. His father taught him how to draw, read, and write. But he lost his father when he was 11 and his mother when he was 8. After his parents death he went to the house of the master Pérugin that taught him many other painting techniques.Raphael worked in Urbino, Perouse, the city of Castello, making paintings for churches and chapels. In 1504 he was invited to Florence and discover many Toscans painters, like Leonardo Da Vinci that inspires him from his technique of density with very dark shades. In 1508

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  • Describes raphael as a painter, architect, and archaeologist born in 1483 in urbino, italy. he lost his father and mother when he was 8 and went to the house of the master pérugin.
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