Raphaello Sanzio: A Summary

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Raphaello Sanzio was an artist starting during the beginning in of the Renaissance Era. Raphael thrived in painting through this experimental time period. Raphael’s paintings were influenced by the time period, other artists, but still found originality in his paintings. Raphael chose to paint about 4 topics, theology, philosophy, the arts, and the law (Kirsch). During this time of religion Raphael really adapted to the idea of cathedrals and landscape of Holy places.
The Renaissance Era began with the question of life and wondering why things in the world are the way they are. The Renaissance time period was a time of more creative living. It became the time period of trying new ways to handle every day live. People became more educated and started questioning the ways of the world. Most importantly, it was the decade for art (Cooper). During the Renaissance new topics about life were arising like the idea of life after death. Not only was religion beginning to play a role in art, so was the idea of science social lives and math. Raphael was mostly famous for his artwork of religious influences. Although he is commonly known as a painter, Raphael was also an architect. Architects during the Renaissance tried to form new ways to create a structure, such as by using domes, round arched, and columns (Cooper). It is not surprising that Raphael would be inspired by the Church because of his past with Perugino. Perugino, the father like figure to Raphael, painted Church’s and Holy places. The idea of Holyness and God sparked the interest of Perugino then he would later influence one of the most famous artists in the religious world. Being that Raphael was on his own at such a young age, he eventually sought out the city of Flor...

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