Rape in the USA

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Rape crimes will not get reported seventy five percent of the time, due to some victims being too afraid to speak up. There is a problem in society; big issues like these need to be stopped. Rape is not just being touched or molested without wanting it, it is actually really more than it may appear. Rape can happen to anybody, anywhere, and at any time. The number of victims is shocking. Most rape victims know their rapist. There’s organizations reaching out to support rape victims. They suffer highly traumatic experience.
In the 18th and 19th century, laws were being passed to help women bring their offenders to justice. Some say there had to be proof of semen, or that the hymen had to be broken for proof. It was difficult for law-makers to agree on how much evidence is needed to believe women. In much of American history, slave owners could buy black women specifically to serve their sexual urges (The Daily Beast Company). If a caucasian man was to rape a women, it was possible to bring more evidence to a victim case depending on the offender’s sexual background. If the offender was African American, they will most likely be hung or castrated the daily beast company reports.. All Africans were all found guilty no matter if there was a lack of evidence. People would always ignore rape against black women. No one would ever believe them, or even care. There was no way Africans had a chance of defending their case. They were always discriminated by their color, but if they were white it was a completely different story. During these centuries, if the women was either raped or pregnant, the father can sue based on lost of income. In 1913 there was a doctor who stated that rape is not an easy crime, basically referring to women’s ...

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...ucating others as well as yourself about sexual violence can be started by anybody. In 1993, it was said that the percentage of sexual assaults had been dropped by sixteen percent.
Stop asking what she was wearing. Stop blaming them. Stop being ignorant. Stop rape now. Start telling your kids to not rape. Speak up. Stop the silence, help the most needed.

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