Rape Victims in Moroccan Society

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On a Monday morning, at 10am, in the office of the association, Solidarité Feminine, the atmosphere was calm and relaxed. With a simple phone call and the atmosphere was disturbed violently. After the call, the police had just brought a young mother and her two children to the association. In the picture provided by the authorities, was a young face torn by the blade of a knife and her left cheek was abraded and revealed raw flesh. This is the story of a young teen mother that has not only been the victim, of a horrific crime, rape, but more importantly, she is further victimized by being severely cast out by the society. Many teen girls in Morocco are raped, impregnated, then rejected by their family, society and father of the baby, which further destabilizes them. The social stigma Moroccan society has towards rape victims results in men not being held accountable for their crimes, and the mother and her children having to live in harsh conditions.
One of the most obvious ways this stigma is shown is that these girls suffer from the rejection of their families and the scornful looks of society every day. According to Fikira Berrada, a woman working at an NGO called Oum Kalthoum that helps girls in these situations, the parents reject their daughter because “they are ashamed” and “sometimes they don’t even tell their parents in fear of being killed” (Fikiria Berrada, Interview). As if this fact were not bad enough, even more horrific is the fact that their parents often kill their daughter for being pregnant after getting raped. This shows that these parents are uncivilized and need to learn how to deal with these issues. If not, as parents they are not doing a good job. Once the girls have announced their pregnancy to their fam...

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