Rape Culture In Medi Victim Blaming And Slut Shamming

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Rape Culture in Media: Victim Blaming and Slut Shamming
Freda Adler, an educator and criminologist, states, “Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused.” People are taught not to get raped; instead, of teaching people not rape to anyone, under any circumstances. More people sympathize with the sex offender; while, only few people support the victims. Victims are disbelieved, blamed, and shamed for the attack. Based on Nick Phillips’ book, Beyond Blurred Lines: Rape Culture in Popular Media, the term rape culture, “describe how violence against women has been normalized in our society through a process of linking sexual violent aggression” (3). The media perform a significant part in shaping the prejudice, misconceptions
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According to National Institute of Justice, “The National Violence Against Women Survey (NVAWS) sampled 8,000 women and 8,000 men and found that 1 in 6 women (17 percent) and 1 in 33 men (3 percent) reported experiencing an attempted or completed rape at some time in their lives.” This survey shows that not only women have been victims of rape; as well as, men are also experiencing sexual violence. Victims are afraid to report because of the stigma of shaming and they were often told that it is their fault or that’s not even true. The stereotypes that men don’t get raped, women don’t commit sexual crimes, all men are rapist, men love all sex, male-on-male rape do not happen, anal penetration is not rape, but merely a sexual assault, and men are genetically strong, so they should be able to defend themselves are blatantly false; moreover, some people think that male-on-male rape victims are homosexuals which is undeniably not true. Male survivors are afraid to be labeled weak and not a real man so they tend to keep the horrifying events to themselves; in addition, they are often not taken seriously by the people they concede to and who they thought that they can trust, especially the authorities. They suffer more retaliation than female…show more content…
The rape victim stereotypes are making it difficult for victims to fight for justice because almost everybody, including the people who they thought that will support them are chastiing them. Rape victims, especially men are afraid of people finding out what happen to them; as a result, victims, mostly don’t report their assault for fear being ostracized. Everyone wants to know “Why most victims do not report it?”; but, the real question is “Why would the victims report it?” Sexual assault victims are frequently questioned by authorities, in a way that completely put the blame on the victims themselves, as if the authorities are implying that the victims were solely responsible. Unites States justice system has done little to help the victims; as a result, rapists are never convicted of crime they committed or if they are convicted, they only spend a few years behind bars and after they serve their sentence, they are set free to roam the streets to possibly assault another person. Victims are severely traumatized as a result of their sexual assault; moreover, they suffer from different forms of mental illness such as depression, anxiety disorder, and post trauma disorder. Victims keep having flashback of their assault and feelings of isolation and shame is rapidly devouring them, mentally, emotionally and physically. Even time cannot heal the victim’s wounds and they are forced to live with it for the rest of

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