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Most people misinterpret the meaning of rape. Many victims don’t know they have been raped for the reason of misknowledge.Every state differs in what is considered rape , but are mostly alike(PAVE). Under the law rape is any unwanted sexual actions or penetration of any type without the consent of the person. Laws against rape have been created but the minimum sentences is of 10 years.
In 1962 a law was passed saying that if a man forced a woman , wifes excluded , to have sexual intercourse with him; he would be charged for rape (Kilpatrick). The law was extremely narrow to what was considered rape. It focused more on the victims consent than the force of the man(Kilpatrick). At that time rape was strictly a crime against women.And it wasn’t until the 1970’s in which a rape crisis center was established.When the first organization was made 70 out of every 100,000 females were raped (Kilpatrick). While crime rates went down in the United states , rape did not decline (KIlpatrick).
Before the late 80’s victims were questioned about the attack and their names were published. If while questioning the victim something was found that was not appropriate , they may have been blamed for the assault (Friedrichs). Then raped shield laws were passed and protected the victim for undesired questioning.
Marital rape was legal up until 1976(stritof) , and wasn’t illegal in all 50 states until 1993. Beforehand a man could rape his wife as many times as he desired and wasn’t classified as rape. Aswell as a woman could have raped her husband and could have not been rape since they were married , and raped was only possible for women at the time. Marital rape is treated of less importance than other rapes still today.

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...e is still a lot that can be done to help prevent and decrease rape. Rape should be an open topic , where everyone should know what it really means. When people are educated about things it is less likely to happen. Also punishments for rape should be more severe , because the small amount of rapist who serve time in jail, only serve a few years. Those few years are not enough for such a series crime like rape.

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