Rap And Hip Hop Music And Its Effects On Children And Adolescents

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Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents. Popular music is present mostly all around, and it is easily available through the radio, television, various recordings,and the Internet, allowing adolescents to listen to it in diverse settings and situations, by themselves or shared with friends. Parents are often unaware of the lyrics in which their children are listening to because of the increasing use of downloaded music or headphones. Studies and various research on popular music has explored its effects on schoolwork, social interactions, mood and affect, and specifically behavior. The effect or result that music has on children 's and adolescents ' behavior and personality is of great concern. Lyrics…show more content…
and if so, is it good or bad? The answer is yes and no, good and bad. Meaning that not only can you be influenced from rap and hip hop in a negative way, but you can learn from it in a positive way just as much. “Of course some hip hop or rap music can be inappropriate and be a bad influence on children and adolescence, but so has other music, such as rock n roll, metal, screamo, reggae, dubstep, and even pop music nowadays. So I don 't think rap should be singled out just because some lyrics are negative. There is good and bad forms of all music in the past and today.”
“It depends what rappers you listen to. Some rap about issues and others about sex, drugs and money. Usually, the rappers that create this music have a good beat and this allows people to 'turn up ' and enjoy themselves. Unlike other music genres, you can 't listen to that sort of music in a nightclub for example.”
“Rap is just entertaining, it is not meant to be taken literally . It is there for the people who have a different style. People who are overprotective are the ones who don 't won 't to listen rap because they are uptight. They only rap about those topics to show a gangsta attitude. They need a gangsta attitude for entertainment
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al, 2006, p. 432). Cobb & Boettcher (2007) determined that males will more likely experience “priming effects of misogynistic rap because they will be less motivated and might reinforce negative attitudes about women because this content is “typically gender specific in han will women to thoughtfully process the content of the lyrics” (p. 2037). In turn, “because women are often the targets of misogynistic rap lyrics,” they will be more inclined to reject these demeaning messages (Cobb & Boettcher, 2007, p. 3029). More than three-fourths of survey respondents agreed that most rap/hip-hop music suggests women are just for male sexual satisfaction, and in turn, nearly all students surveyed found rap/hip-hop songs to be more offensive to women than men. However, most men who took the survey held negative views about rap/hip-hop music compared to most women holding neutral views of the

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