Rap And Hip Hop

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How does certain music attract its audience? Specifically Hip Hop. People all over the country seem to be really attracted to that genre of music. But for some reason over the years, a different sort of audience has been taking an interest in the genre. Middle class youth seems to be enjoying this music more and more each day. Rap and Hip Hop at times can speak about the harsh lives these artists have lived through, or it can talk about the money and fame that comes with it. Why does middle class youth enjoy this genre so much? Some people would think that these kids are living vicariously through these artists. Listening to this music allows them to romanticize the life of “the gangster” with no real risk to themselves. The aspect of fame…show more content…
Nevertheless, most of what is usually discussed in popular hip hop songs is how harsh the “gangster” life is. Now most middle class youth has no sort of experience when it comes to living a harsh life. That is what makes it so much more intriguing to these teenagers. They now have some sort insight into what that “gangster” life really is. Each hip hop artist has a very different “come up” story. Some may have encountered more hardship than others. For example, a very famous Brooklyn rapper named “Jay-Z” can definitely give insight to what one can face. In a song titled “Drug Dealers Anonymous” made by another rapper named Pusha T, Jay-Z featured on the track. In the song he says “ ‘89 in London pull the Benz up / Type it in, Google’s your friend bruh / 14 year drug dealer and still counting.” Here he is not exactly saying that he still continues to sell drugs, but now he has a different “hustle” which is the rapping. Selling drugs were a bad reality for many of these rappers. Some turned to the urban poetry to express one’s feeling, and that is when rapping comes into the picture. Once these artists are very well known and famous, they have this huge platform set up to allow others to know what they have faced in their life. The audience (middle class youth), now have a huge respect towards that person. This gives the listener an emotional connection between them, and their favorite hip hop artist. In the head of the listener, people now think that the rapper opened up to them to let them know what trials one has faced. Making the interest even stronger than it was before. Listening to their favorite hip hop artist also allows them to really experience the “gangster” life without putting themselves in actual dangers. In many of today’s hip hop hit songs, certain topics are usually discussed throughout the song such as: selling drugs to make money, having

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