Ralph Waldo Emerson's Silent Spring

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921 words

The environment, it is the surrounding influential pieces in life that make life what it is. This makes it important for people to protect the environment and the ecosystems that make everyone’s home. In Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, she talks about the environment needing to be protected. Pesticides are a poison that is killing the planet as well as hurt the people who eat them. Degradation, or the degrading of anything; in this case it is the planet and the environment. Carson talks about stopping the practice of using poisons on the food and the suffering the different parts of American have to go through. “Yet every one of these disasters has actually happened somewhere, and many real communities have already suffered a substantial number …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how rachel carson's silent spring talks about protecting the environment and the ecosystems that make life. pesticides are a poison that is killing the planet and hurting the people who eat them.
  • Opines that carson is right in the way that the environment has to be protected. today, the ice caps are melting because of the carelessness the people have had.
  • Analyzes ralph waldo emerson's, nature, and how he sees the interaction of man and environment.
  • Argues that emerson's point is that people should get to know nature for its beautiful scenery and ways.
  • Analyzes how lewis thomas's book, natural man, talks about the price tags involved with the environment and how people treat it.
  • Concludes that nature is a very important piece of life for all living organisms. people are the biggest benefactors and the largest destructors need to change their way of living.

Emerson sees how most people see the environment for themselves when in fact it is for everyone. In this piece it is talked about how nature is a God made thing made for and to be protected by man. Man need the environment and nature to prosper and continue to grow and live on the planet. Actually, Emerson sees it as for a person to fully understand nature, they should detach from the world and society and live in solitary in the wild. People should gain an appreciation for the nature and multiple farms all around. To see nature as it once was sean as beautiful and something of a piece of art. Rather then now and how it is seen as dieing, owned, and for oneself. “Nature never wears a mean appearance”(Emerson …show more content…

Not just for their own use and as an owned piece of property. If people were to get to know nature and see if for what it really is, maybe better care would be taken. Maybe people would stop creating harmful inventions to the environment. Man and nature have gone back since the beginning of time, or at least the beginning of man. For man to prosper, the environment around them had to be full of nourishment and helpful food and shelter materials. All man had to do is figure out how to use these materials and then protect them. Natural materials are not everlasting. Sooner or later they will run out and then what, the ice caps melt more, or maybe more animals go extinct. Depending on the belief of one it could be argued god made the environment, r nature for man to love, protect, and use. All nature had to do is provide and be there when ever man needed it to

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