Ralph Waldo Emerson; Aspects of Transcendentalism

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I. Examination of the creation of the Transcendental Club and the members, which contributed to the development of the ideals of Emerson. A. The members of the Transcendental Club included prominent writer such as Henry Thoreau and Margaret Fuller. 1. In the Transcendental Club, the main faction of writers in the club was from New England and part of the Unitarian ideology. 2. Besides similar philosophies, many of the Transcendentalists also attended Harvard University. B. The American transcendentalist movement originated during the 19th century contradicting many of the beliefs of Puritanism with divergent philosophies. 1. Nature and its relationship to the individual as a Teacher and a representation of God became a core belief of the movement. 2. The concept of idealism often contrasted Puritan realism because it recognized an individual’s intuition as final. 3. Additionally, the divinity of man contradicted Puritan belief in the individual’s need for saving. 4. Also, the notion of self-reliance and individualism allowed for the liberation of individuals for self-improvement. 5. Finally, it’s the fundamental job of the poet to express, educate, and illuminate the public on the aspects of the movement. C. The Transcendentalist with these ideals brought new, exceptional changes to American literature. 1. American literature, before the movement contained materialistic and overdramatized sermons and prose, which spoke of damnation. 2. The introduction into a philosophy where divinity, self-improvement, and all-knowing intuition that possible for humanity, allowed the movement to be widely accepted. D. The fundamental figure of the movement was poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1. Emerson, a demonstrative indi... ... middle of paper ... ...nnected to all souls, departed and alive, who have mastered circumstances. 3. Confidence in one’s perception because of self-awareness through Oversoul and intuition. VI. Emerson, in multiple pieces, designates the writer as the most significant teach when it comes to the ideals of Transcendentalism A. The poet educates each individual on the ideals and doctrines of the Transcendentalist movement. 1. Emerson’s vocalization of the principles of Transcendentalism lets the essayist translate his personal analysis for the reader. B. In addition to expressing the philosophies of Transcendentalism thematically, Emerson’s style helps translate the message. 1. The use of language and mechanics allows each transcendentalist to convey the tenets of morals of the movement. 2. The poet, in addition, can use symbols and imagery to showcase the significance of the movement.
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