Raising Children To Succeed in the Real World

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Modern society is much more detached than ancient society, where parents may be far in distance from their children, but only a short phone call away. An example of this can be noted in the provided rhetorical essay, where the author, and mother of a few children, explains how modern society has greatly shifted from the stay-at-home mother who is readily available, to the modern mother who is"involved" and is therefore harder to reach. This detached relationship consequently challenges the already established relationships of nurture and support already seen throughout society. The mother who wrote this essay argues that these detached relationships in families are actually beneficial to the children--where the children are "learning skills they need to succeed in the real world." The author of this argument suggests that while some people view inaccessibility as a problem in a family,it can actually result in a successful outcome. For example, the school nurse harps on the author for not being accessible, feeling that kids living in this world of instant gratification need the...

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