Rail Away

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Rail Away “I greatly prefer a world where all sides ware armed with shields to a world where all sides are armed with swords and no shields.” - Dr. Edward Teller For several years many advances in technology and human living have come from necessity, and that necessity comes from periods of war. We have built tanks and guns and planes and bombs to increase our chances of winning battles, and sparing as many of our lives and destroying as many of their lives as possible. Through such advances came better car engines, faster transportation, better security and self-defense, and awareness of the dangers of weaponry. One product of the research for better weaponry lead to the nuclear bomb and one product from the research of life was the nuclear reactor. Both inventions had come with good intentions, but devastating consequences. Through the years, we have come to know both greater comfort, and greater fear. We now have television, radio, rotating chairs, video games, movies, and air conditioning. We also have semi-automatics, increased security force, atomic weapons of mass destruction, stealth bombers, and a president who didn’t win the election but we call him President (or as I like to say, Shrub). We have luxuries that many before us did not even know existed, and many of them are related to the passage of war. As such, we have become the strongest world power around, with few countries even trying to challenge us. And yet, we still have those who wish to destroy us, and have attempted as much through their ingenuity and conviction. One has to wonder if we would have enemies if we were more advanced. Do we require any more new types of technology to exist to a better future? Is it necessary to have... ... middle of paper ... ...tor Pressler, Larry. Star Wars: The Strategic Defense Initiative, Debates in Congress. New York: Praeger Publishers, 1986. pg. 127. [11] Fox, James J. Utilitariansim. 2003. K. Knight. 28 Feb. 2004 <http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/15241c.htm> [12] Solid Snake’s Metal Gear Solid Image Gallery. 28 Feb. 2004. <http://www.angelfire.com/on2/snakesdomain/images/metalgearrex.jpg> [13] Hursthouse, Rosalind. Virtue Ethics. 2003. Stanford University. 28 Feb. 2004 <http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/ethics-virtue/> [14] Shue, Henry. Morality of Offense Determines Morality of Defense. Philosophical Forum: Volume XVIII, No. 1. University of Maryland. 1986. Lackey, Douglas P. Ethics and Strategic Defense. Belmont: Wadsworth Inc., 1989. pg. 84. [15] President Reagan, Ronald. Keep Space Defense Option. Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph, Dec. 30 1984.
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