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Class Paper: What is Ragnarok and the Fimbulwinter? What happens during these events? What are the sources for these myths? The tales of Ragnarok and the Fimblewinter are myths from Norse mythology. The Fimbulwinter, or "mighty winter", is just that; a bitterly cold and remorseless winter that is said to last for three years. It is characterised by it's short and dark days wherein the sun scarely shines, blinding storms, brutal snows and fiercely bitter winds. The Fimbulwinter was also said to be marked by a period of communal strife and warfare. In the legends of ancient Scandanavia, this mighty winter was said to be so great all-comsuming that the god's themselves could do nothing to stop it once it had began, so signalling the beginning of the end. For this is exactly what the Fimbulwinter was. Three years of suffering leading up to the end of the world - Ragnarok. Ragnarok, which translates to "The Twilight of the Gods" was the Norse peoples myth of the Apocalyse, the events of which are detailed in the Icelandic poem Völuspá. The sun and moon were to be devourered by monstrous...
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