`` Rafe Blaufarb `` : The International Struggle Against The Transatlantic Slave Trade

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At first glance, Inhuman Traffick: The International Struggle against the Transatlantic Slave Trade bares resemblance to your typical, run of the mill historical textbook. The reader [looking at the cover,] may expect to see ordinary text that would pertain to a standardized African History course. Contrary to the title, the author, Rafe Blaufarb, provides a vivid, contextual look at how slavery spanned out with the use of graphic images and primary sources in a way most authors do not today. Comparatively [to other textbooks,] Inhuman Traffick depicts the development of the raw story of enslavement. From the ships to the whips, it shows concrete details of this haunting era while adding an underlying complexity to the story whilst omitting tedious and dull text. Despite Blaufarb 's textbook, or graphic novel as it is, not resembling your average collegiate text, the transatlantic slave trade is best understood through visually observing the struggle that transpired not too long ago. Because it illustrates the emotions slaves felt, the suffering they endured, and guides the reader to understanding what lead up to the abolition. The story unfolds with an introduction of Europe and North America being in turmoil and resolving many of their social issues. The French beheaded their king and abolished their monarchy, slaves were inspiring uprisings for freedom, and the U.S. gained independence from Britain. A great deal of success was being made, and colonies were being liberated along with their people. However, slaves and a majority of African and Carribean countries were one of the only groups still being oppressed. Although the Kru of West Africa would be able to work on British ships and return home with earnings, some were more ... ... middle of paper ... ...revent slave ships from trafficking. In conclusion, many events have transpired since the Neisree incident, for example The Civil Rights Movement, sit-in protests, and even today’s Black Lives Matter Movement. Although Neisree may seem unheard of, every single event in history accumulates and eventually catapults to something greater. Every small voice essentially can have a spark that ignites a movement. We see this throughout the course of the story by the author’s use of realistically animated dialogue and images. Blaufarb depicts these individuals by exposing a graphic view of the struggle and impact slaves on the Neisree ship had on the Europe, The Americas, and society today. The well executed imagery, and the incorporation of authentic material makes Inhuman Traffick a scholastic visionary piece that does not shy away from the everyday informative textbook.

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