Raewyn Connell's The Northern Theory Of Globalization

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Raewyn Connell’s journal article ‘The Northern Theory of Globalization’ (2007) demonstrates that our current understanding of globalisation is limited to a ‘Northern’ theory as it has predominantly been cultivated from a metropolitan standing point, thus proving somewhat paradoxical as the concept of globalisation is one, Connell feels (2007:368), who’s focus is on the ‘world-as-a-whole’. This is evident as Connell (2007:368) states in his opening that ‘If we want a genuinely global analysis of globalization we must reconstruct sociological theory as a markedly more inclusive dialogue.’ Connell divulges into this field by examining first the rising of the theory of globalisation and the historicity that surrounds it, secondly the current theories regarding globalisation and the antimonies within them and then present reasons affirming his belief in ‘the northerness of globalization’ (2007:378). The development of sociology provides context for the theory of globalisation. During the 1800’s sociology began by taking a global approach. The world was full of data, as people were the...

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