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Scope This screening method can be used to determine Radon-222 in ambient air as Bq/cm. Clients will be advised that high values should be investigated further. Responsibility The Senior Scientist, Radiological Testing, and analysts who have been certified for this procedure may carry out analyses using this procedure. The person carrying out the analysis is responsible for checking the results and the associated QC data and for preparing reports. The Senior Scientist, Radiological Testing is also responsible for checking results and QC data and for monitoring QC charts and records. The QA manager is responsible for checking the reports before release. Principle A charcoal canister is weighed (if an open-face canister) and sent to the client. The client opens the canister and exposes it to the air. During this time, radon is absorbed by the charcoal and decays to its progeny, including Pb-214 and Bi-214. The canister is sealed and returned to the laboratory. Upon return, the radon progeny are determined by gamma-ray spectrometry. The canister is reweighed (if an open face canister) to correct for absorbed moisture. The Radon-222 content of the air during the exposure period is then computed. The calculations are described in the document EERF Standard Operating Procedures for Rn-222 Measurement Using Charcoal Canisters. Canisters equipped with a vapour barrier are insensitive to water vapour, but are less sensitive to Radon-222 than open-face canisters by a factor of about 0.33. Interferences Water vapour is absorbed by open-face canisters. Range of Measurement Detection limit is 10 Bq.cm for a 48 hour exposure and 4 hour count. Test is valid for normal levels of Radon-222 (up to 200 Bq/cm).... ... middle of paper ... ...disks and kept in the office of the Senior Scientist, Radiological Testing.stored on the server. References 1. EERF Standard Operating Procedures for Rn-222 Measurement Using Charcoal Canisters, United States Environmental Protection Agency, EPA 520/5-87-005. 2. SA7200: Pre-Analysis Sample Collection and Preservation 3. SA7300: Sample Reception and Pre-Analysis Handling 4. EQ5420 Radiological Gamma Spectrometer 5. BQ-RAD-GAMMA: Radionuclides by Gamma-Ray Spectrometry 6. AD8600: Reporting Analytical Results 7. MD4991: Use of BECANAL SOP Revision History Version 1.0: Initial version Version 1.2: Quality Control and Testing Range sections added, plus changes made for clarity as a result of method audit. Appendix A Radon Data Form Appendix B Radon Sampling Instructions Appendix C Run Sheet for Radon-222 Determination

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