Radley Balko's What You Eat Is Your Business?

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Everyone loves fast food, surgery desserts and indulging in sweet and salty snacks covered in chocolate. What people rarely think of is how unhealthy they may be eating and what they’re putting into their bodies. The consequences can be life threating if not taking the right procedures to maintain a healthy lifestyles. As we continue these unhealthy lifestyles they can be taken after by our children and their grandchildren. Children that continue in their parents footsteps or start these habits soon learn the finances as adults such as health costs. Radley Balko criticizes Americans in “What You Eat Is Your Business” for not taking their own responsibility regarding be overweight and how it’s become a public issue. He says the government is not…show more content…
He emphasizes private health insurance companies aren’t allowed to charge overweight clients because their state no longer allows it. He claims if these clients aren’t being charged for their consequence of bad habits then it does not provide any incentive for them. Many people can come to disagree or agree regarding how money is spent by the government. I believe that Balko is missing a key point regarding people and their health. Michelle Obama’s perspective from her position leading “Let Move!” campaign. The rise of obesity in America is on the rise unfortunately. “Obesity will cost the USA about $344 billion in medical-related expenses by 2018, eating up about 21% of health-care spending” (USA Today). The results affect our money and it is easy to blames obesity. Although I agree obesity is costing us money, in the long run it is one of many issues beyond obesity to be blamed for. People might object that their reason why not only adults but young children have more chances of being overweight and getting health issues in the future is because of their parents. Parents do not intentionally want to harm their children and they want the best for them. It is true that children look up to
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