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1. The movie, Radio, is based at Hanna High School in Anderson, South Carolina. It is about this young, colored, mentally disabled man that stumbles across his local town’s football teams ball. He picks up the ball, and it catches the eye of the teams coach, who later befriends him. The next day, the coach, Harold Jones, comes to find his players mistreating the man, who they had tied up and put in a school supply shed. This leads to lots of running of the team. Radio becomes a part of the team, which upsets some people, and early on, Radio isn 't treated well. A father of one of the main players that mistreated Radio, Frank Clay, had it in for Coach Jones and his ‘distraction.’ Mr. Clay makes continual effort to get rid of Radio. And, Radio becomes quite the small town celebrity. The football season ends soon after, and the athletic coaches decide to allow Radio to help out with the basketball team. Coach Jones even brings Radio into class with him where he starts to teach him basic skills. The school board makes a big issue of the fact they don 't like having a disabled, colored man roaming the halls of their school. It is implied that the person behind —-thins stink—— is that same father who had nasty things to say earlier. It is Christmas time in the movie, and Radio received so many presents from the town, he decided to give back. He walked through town handing out gifts. A new police offer, who we later find out didn 't know of Radio, sees this as suspicious behavior and arrests him. Once back at the station, the cop gets in trouble, and Radio ends up having lunch and watching basketball with the other officers. Radio’s mom randomly dies of a heart attack. After going to see Radio, Coach Jones pull his daughter asides ... ... middle of paper ... out of box, according to society’s standards, should be treated with less value. This social norm plays a big part in the movie. Basically everything about Radio, and his situation, doesn 't fit into social normalities. I mean, it is a movie about discrimination. A majority of the social issues dealt with in the film are due to discrimination. So, as sad as it is to say it, it depicts today’s society very well. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. It had been recommended to me by a friend a long time ago, and I figured that it would be a perfect movie to watch. Any sports movie hits home for me, so I absolutely loved that aspect of it. But not only did the film incorporate sports, it brought to light the struggles many people face in today’s world. I love movies when there is a winning underdog; and Radio definitely played that role. I really enjoyed this movie.

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