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From 1865 to 1877, Americans felt it was time for politics, the economy and society to change, which produced an era of reconstruction. In some areas Reconstruction is seen as a success and in other areas it's seen as a failure. The areas of success in this period were with the Radical Republicans and South Reconstruction. The "Union victory created a golden opportunity [for Radicals] to institutionalize the principle of equal rights for all, refardless of race" (Foner 570). The start of the Radical Reconstruction began with Congress giving black men the right to vote, which was a great success towards giving every citizen equal rights. Then the adoption of the fourteenth and fifteenth ammendment were also a huge step towards equal rights proposed …show more content…

During this period, African Americans were free but to them "land was essential to the meaning of freedom" (Foner 562). When President Andrew Johnson suceeded Lincoln he "ordered nearly all land in federal hands return to its former owners" (Foner 562). This caused "rural freed-people [to remain] poor and without property during Reconstruction" (Foner 563). Then President Andrew Johnson offered a pardon (which restored political and property rights, except for slaves) to nearly all white southerners who took an oath of allegiance" (Foner 569). The exemption turned most of the Republican North against the president and returned most white voters to Confederates (Foner 569). As the Reconstruction had success towards giving equal rights to all, it did not give equal rights to women. "Women tried to use the rewritten legal code and Constitution to claim equal rights [but] they found the courts unreceptitive" (Foner 578). Which "left the gender boundary largely intact" (Foner 578). The north was opposite of the souths support for Reconstruction. The northern states retreated from Reconstruction based on their racism towards the equal rights given to African American and the economic depression (Foner 587). Although the Reconstruction period had its share of failures, it also had its share of success. Without the good results of the Reconstruction,

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  • Explains that from 1865 to 1877, americans felt it was time for politics, the economy, and society to change, which produced an era of reconstruction.
  • Analyzes how the reconstruction period failed in the areas of land reform, presidents reconstruction, northern reconstruction and woman rights.
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