Radiation Exposure

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Apart of becoming a new patient at a dental office is taking an x-ray and some may have question along with taking an x-ray, like “will I be affected by the x-ray?” or “will I get cancer?”, “how long will it take” “are x-ray’s safe?”, the list goes on and on. So in this paper we will talk about different types of radiation affects such as affects on children and pregnant women as well as some things that may help reduce some of the radiation that may harm the human body.
In dentistry there is a need for taking an x-ray, the x-ray is a way to help the dentist diagnose a patients oral hygiene and to see if there are any other areas in the mouth that may need to have any type of work. The dentist or the assistant will want to make sure that they can get all the teeth possible in the radiograph (x-ray) as possible to reduce the amount of exposure to the patient. Most people will have exposure to radiation just from standing outside in the sun for a long period of time, which is what we call “background exposure”.
When taking a radiograph there are some precautions that can be taken to reduce some of the radiation that can be exposed to a patient, what would be used on all patients is call a lead apron and thyroid collar, these aprons are used to protect the patients that may be a bit more radiosensitive and also may give the patient a little of reassurance that they will be protected. “Radiosensitivity is the relative susceptibility of cells, tissues, organs, organisms, or other substances to the injurious action of radiation.”
If you are pregnant and are worried about the radiation exposure harming your unborn child the lead apron and thyroid collar are good to use and will also reassure the mother that the child will be pro...

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...rous and damaging to a person causing life time effects such as liver cancer or maybe even a tumor.
Radiation exposure can affect children as well an children have the risk of being the most harmfully effected by radiation because their body absorbs substances differently also their bodies can or are more likely to get certain kinds of cancers from too much exposure, “they are also closer to the ground, where radioactive fallouts settle.”

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